About EarthSpiritHealing & Mark Goddard

I have been doing organic methods oriented grounds maintenance and landscape design for over 10 years and come from several generations of gardeners and farmers. I am also an artist and designer. 

As I focus on my purpose this lifetime, I examine what is truly important in life and what is needed on the planet at this critical time. We are faced with issues of human overpopulation, overuse of resources and a lack of human consciousness, as people become more and more cut off from nature. Having a strong knowledge of biology, ecology and the environment, I suffer to see the effects of global warming on our world. Even though climate change and mass extinction is common in geologic history, this is the first time such change has had a human component. Climate affects ecosystems, which affect species survivability. All life forms are inter-dependant. Given what is happening in the animal kingdom, we need to take a sobering look at our own survival. This is a forum for me to share ideas with the Internet community and visa versa. What should our civilization look like?  What are the best ways to grow food?… Purify water?… or maintain our standard of living?  Together we can learn what it takes to support ourselves.


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